who are you what do you want from your life ask that question and once you know the answer write it down , write down exactly what you want for your life , your life vision , your life purpose and once you have that go over t every single day , every single day .create pictures in your mind write down how you were going to get that life what do you have to do to claim that life who do you have to be , to claim that life you see most people want to ask that question can’t answer it most people when asked what do you want from life cannot answer the question they don’t know what they want for their own life they’re just wandering around here aimlessly most people don’t even know what they really want for their own life and guess where people who don’t know where they’re going to end up end up someplace they don’t want to be that does not have to be you the first key is to get quiet get in a space alone and ask yourself Who am I what do I really want for my life what do I need to do to live my best life what is my purpose why must I do this what example do I want to set to everyone around me especially those I love those close to me what legacy do I want to leave once you have that clarity and clear purpose you can get to work making every day your best day growing and evolving every day setting the example of a great

life every day loving the life you are living every day claim that life today don’t put it off any longer you deserve

this who are you haven’t you really been living the life you want to live or are you living the life others expect of you have you settled for something you don’t really want just so you can fit into this world because it was easy do you change who you really are to fit in with others I’m here to tell you that you

deserve better you deserve to live a life as yourself to speak and live your truth to live your fullest potential not

only do you deserve it but you owe it to the future generation to set that example you owe it to this world to

inspire others to follow their dream life to live their fullest highest expression of themselves you can decide

to conform you can decide to fit in that’s certainly easier certainly more

comfortable but you can also decide to live your best life while you are alive

we don’t get longer this earth in these bodies why not make the most of it before we go out why not leave the

elastic impression on our family our loved ones and future generations why

not set the example the example of happiness the example of a fully lived life the example of love peace and true joy that all come from being free of opinions and just going for what you wanted that big you deserve it live brave others accounting on it live happy live free that’s your true nature but just these three things will carry you if you let them first and foremost knowing who you are knowing who you are being able to answer this question Who am I and what do I want understanding that because I am connected to the

source of all that is all that is possible is possible for me that’s who I am and what do I want I don’t want to just be successful in the world I don’t want to just make a mark or have a

legacy the answer to that question for me is I want to fulfill the highest truest expression of myself as a human being I want to fulfill the promise that the Creator dreamed when he dreamed the cells that made up me what I want you must have some kind of vision for your life even if you don’t know the plan you have to have a direction in which you

choose to go I never was the kind of woman who liked to get in a car and just go for a ride I had a boyfriend would say let’s just go for a ride I want to know where are we going do we have a destination is there a plan or we just ride what I’ve learned is that’s a great metaphor for life you want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life because if you’re not life will drive you number two you must find a way to serve Martin

Luther King said that not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service now we live in a world where everybody wants to be famous and where we admire people for just being famous we think being known brings us value the truth is all of that will fade in time the real truth is that service and significance service and the significance that you bring to your service is that which is lasting and if you look at all the most successful people in the world whether they know it or not they have that paradigm of service for many years I was really just happy to be on TV and people would stopand say oh you want TV oh yeah I’m on TV. I like being on TV it’s a nice job and

it was about the time that I received my honorary Doctorate from Spelman around 1993 then I went back and I took a long look at what it was I was doing on on TV

and made a decision that I was no longer going to just be on TV but I was going to use TV as a platform as a force for good and not be used by TV and I will

tell you my decision to make that significant change in the way I operated on television using television as a service

changed my career exponentially service using whatever it is you produce your product as a way of giving back to the world when you shift the paradigm of whatever it is you

choose to do to service and you bring significance to that success will I promise you follow you service and significance equals success that’s number two number three it’s so simple

but so hard to do always do the right thing always be excellent people notice think of how you notice you go to Taco Bell somebody gives you extra napkin and some sauce you notice you want to go back to that person cuz even at Taco Bell excellence shows itself be excellent let excellence be your brand so doing the right thing even when nobody knows you’re doing the right thing we’ll always bring the right thing to you I promise you that why because the third law of motion is always at work for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction that is so true in all of our lives

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