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Computer Network Tutorial for beginners

Guys In this post, you will learned what is a computer network & Its type , and all topics about computer network.

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Created by Jatin Jain Last updated Mon, 08-Feb-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • Learn fundamental Computer Network concepts.
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Computer Network tutorial
8 Lessons 07:51:58 Hours
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What is Computer Network and What are the types of Computer Network?

When one or more computers are connected through any medium such as Wired and Wireless, it is called Computer Network. The job of any network is to exchange information from one place to another.

At first we had a pigeon to send information from one place to another and then came the system with Postman (postman), but there was a lot of delay in sending and receiving information from one place to another. Due to which the important information was not accessible on time and many of the work of the people were left behind. But now we have got such a system through which we can send information from one place to another within seconds which gives our important information on time. 

Computer Network is also called Data Network. It is a group of many computer devices and other computing hardware devices that are linked to each other through any communication channel (eg Wired: Fiber optic cable, Wireless: WiFi) or connected through communication or resource sharing (eg Hard disk sharing, CPU sharing) work, it is called Computer Network or Data Network.

In other words, when two or more computing devices connect with each other for the purpose of data sharing or resource sharing, it is called Computer Network. Computer Network is made from the Combination of Hardware and Software.

Network computer devices that generate data to send means create, Root, show the path of meaning, and receive, work to eliminate the generated data from the network, it is called Network Nodes Goes These nodes can be any type of device such as personal computer (PC), mobile phone / smart phone, servers and other Networking hardware devices.

When two devices are connected with each other and one device is able to share data, then at that time we can call that device also networked device. For example, when you connect a mobile to another mobile via Bluetooth, then one of them is able to share data between the two, then that mobile is called a networked device.

Types of Computer Network :

There are many computer networks according to different regions and regions, a computer network starts from a small room that connects to the whole world, but different networks are built to connect small and large areas.

LAN (Local Area Network) :

The full form of LAN is “Local Area Network” and as the name suggests, it will be working to connect local computers. Yes friends, this network works to connect network devices in short distance. LAN is used in small buildings, schools, homes, offices etc.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) :

The full form of MAN is “Metropolitan Area Network”. It works to connect more area to network LAN and less area to WAN. A CITY (city) can be connected by this. A MAN network is made up of multiple LANs.

WAN (Wide Area Network) :

The full form of WAN is "Wide Area Network". It is a collection of many LANs whose range is much more than LAN and MAN. It works to connect a city or a country or a country abroad. This network connects many similar networks.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) :

The full form of WLAN is "Wireless Local Area Network". Wireless means without wire, that is, without wire. Wireless LAN provides the facility to connect two or more computers or networking devices in a small area such as home, office without wires. Like if we connect our Networking device to any WiFi then it is a wireless LAN

PAN (Personal Area Network) :

PAN का फुल फॉर्म “Personal Area Network” होता है| यह एक computer network होता है जो की personal यानि की किसी एक person के work-space को connect करने का काम करता है| PAN बहुत सारे Networking devices के बीच data transmission करने का काम करता है जैसे की computers, mobiles, tablets etc.

CAN (Campus Area Network, Controller Area Network, Cluster Area Network) :

The full form of CAN is “Campus Area Network or Controller Area Network” but sometimes its full form is also “Cluster Area Network”. Campus Area Network is connected in a limited area by Multiple Local Area Network, meaning that network connected in a limited area by multiple LAN networks is called Campus Area Network.

SAN (Storage Area Network, System Area Network, Server Area Network, Small Area Network) :

The full form of SAN is "Storage Area Network". It is a high-speed data transfer network that provides the facility to access block-level storage. Storage Area Network creates a network of storage devices which is accessible through multiple servers.

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