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PHP Tutorial in Hindi

PHP language stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. PHP is a open source server side scripting programming language which is used for developing web applications.

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Created by Rajesh Kumar Last updated Sat, 26-Sep-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Learn fundamental PHP concepts.
  • Make a good Attractive website with php and mysql .
  • Know about database how to get the all details via backend? etc.

Curriculum for this course
24 Lessons 03:13:00 Hours
Introduction to Php in hindi
1 Lessons 00:04:36 Hours
  • Introduction to Php 00:04:36
  • What is Client and Server in php 00:04:22
  • Client - Server Architecture 00:02:00
  • What is Web Browser and Web Server (Hindi) 00:05:00
  • Web Server Architecture in Php 00:02:50
  • What is Web Application in PHP ? 00:03:14
  • What is website and its type ? 00:07:11
  • How to Install Xampp 00:07:56
  • Database MySQL replace into MariaDB in Xampp 00:08:11
  • Php Basic Structure 00:03:16
  • Php run on Local Server 00:12:40
  • PHP variable in Hindi 00:09:26
  • Data Type in PHP 00:02:00
  • echo Statement in Php 00:22:48
  • print Statement in PHP 00:01:10
  • Here is Document in Php 00:05:34
  • Comment in Php 00:10:06
  • String Interpolation in Php 00:16:25
  • Constant in Php 00:11:22
  • Learn Math operator in PHP 00:04:36
  • Assignment operators in Php 00:05:19
  • If statement and Nested if statement in PHP 00:17:16
  • If else and Nested If Else Statement in PHP 00:15:42
  • Relational Operators in Php 00:10:00
  • HTML Knowledge
  • Basic CSS Knowledge is Required
  • Basic Javascript knowledge (variables, loops, and basic functions)
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PHP is a open source server side scripting programming language which is used for developing web applications. PHP language stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. PHP is developed by Rasmas Lerdorf in 1994.

What is PHP and why it is used? .

PHP is server side Scripting language.Php is used for developing dynamics webpages. Php is scripting language which is used for controlling web applications or web page in server-side.

you know how much PHP language is powerful. World Most of website design in PHP. Php is used for designing website , Web portal , ecommerce web applications and etc. you can use any database in PHP. Like MySQL , Oracle database etc.

In Php there are following some framework written in Php language.

  • Cake PHP
  • Code-igniter
  • Laravel
  • Zend
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Opencart
  • YII PHP Framework

Feature of PHP :

There are lot's of feature in PHP programming language. We will explain some important feature.

  • We can create, open , read or write file in a systematic way in PHP.
  • We can delete , edit and modify the database element using PHP.
  • PHP can run any operating system like Windows , Mac-Os , Linux.
  • Using PHP we can validate any webpage or web element.
  • In PHP we can import any php file to another php file using include component.

Syntax in PHP :

PHP script is executed on the server and output is shown on browser windows. we can write php script anywhere in the file. PHP script start with and with ?>

For example :

Comment in PHP :

We use comment component for making our code comprehensive. using comment in php code We can understand our code any time. whenever figure-out  any things.

We write php comment like as


Variable in PHP :

In PHP variable is a container which is used for storing data. In php we use $ sign for defining variable.

like see in Example :


$a = 5;    // define variable

echo $a ;  // print variable


In the given example , there is $a is variable , which is contain define the value 5.

  • In php there is no need to make datatype for creating a variable because compiler understand when we assign value for variable.
  • In PHP variable can't start with any number.
  • For creating a variable you need to use always alpha-numeric character (A-Z, 0-9 and _).
  • Variable are case-sensitive in PHP. For example : $abc and $ABC are different variable , both will store different - different value.

 Variable scope in PHP

In php we define variable for storing information but  when we need access this variabl in program , it's used as variable scope.

It is having three type

  • Local Variable
  • Global Variable
  • Static Variable

Echo and Print in PHP :

In PHP programming language we use echo and print for display any statement or variable value.

For Example :    <?php    echo "hello India";   ?>

Data type in PHP :

Datatypes using for storing the value of variable . Datatypes are following types

  • String
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • Object
  • NULL
  • Resource

String in Php :

String contain lot's of character and PHP contain lot's of string functions which is used for manipulating string.  for example


$str = "this is string";

echo $str ;


String Function Description

  • strlen()  : To return the string length
  • strtolower() : To convert Uppercase string to Lowercase String
  • strtoupper() :  To convert Lowercase string to Uppercase String
  • str_replace() : Using for replace character of string
  • strcmp()  : Compare between two string
  • trim() : Using for trim string start to end
  • ltrim() : left-side means Trim operation on starting character or substring
  • rtrim() : right-side means Trim operation on ending character or substring |
  • ucwords() : To convert lowercase to uppercase first letter of every word in string
  • lcfirst() : To convert uppercase to lowercase first letter of every word in string
  • ucfirst() : To convert lowercase to uppercase first character of every word in string
  • strrev() : string Ko reverse Kiya Jata Hain |
  • strip_tags() : To remove HTML tag in string
  • chop() : To remove Ending Character in String
  • htmlentities() : To convert HTML tag into HTML entities in string

PHP Constant : 

Php constant is a variable type which value is not possible to change and we can use constant variable in full program for constant variable creation . We use define() function for creation PHP constant.  It is having two or three parameter. like as : 

define(name, value, case-insensitive) 

Here is

  • name define constant variable name ,
  • value is indicate as value of variable.
  • case-insensitive define the constant name should be case-insensitive. Default value is false.

PHP Operators :

PHP operators use for operation on variable. In PHP there are following type PHP operators :

  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Assignment Operator
  • Comparison Operator
  • Increment / Decrement Operator
  • Logical Operator
  • String Operator
  • Array Operator
  • Conditional assignment Operator

PHP Decision Making Statements :

When we need to take decision any statement in php , its is said to be Decision making statement or Control Statement. Decision making dividing in five part in php .which is given in following.

  1. PHP If Statement : executes some code if one condition is true.

  2. PHP If Else Statement : executes some code if a condition is true and another code if that condition is false.

  3. PHP Nested If Else Statement : more if else statement is there then it said to be nested If Else Statement.

  4. PHP Else if Statement : executes different codes for more than two conditions.

  5. PHP Switch : selects one of many blocks of code to be executed.

PHP Loops :

When we write a program in php , we need to run over and over same block of code certain number of times. So , Instead of writing several time equal code in a program that's-why we use loop statement .

Loop is used for executing same block of code again and again until condition is being true. 

There are following types of loops

  • While : a block of code run as long as the specified condition is true
  • Do-while :  a block of code once, and then repeats the loop as long as the specified condition is true
  • for loop : a block of code a specified number of times
  • foreach loop : a block of code for each element in an array


PHP Function :

Function is more powerful part of PHP. PHP has more than one thousand in-built function and in addition you can create own function. PHP function used for decreasing repeatation of code. Using function in php program big problem makes very easy.  In easy ways says  " A Function is block of statement that can be used repeatedly in a program. "

PHP function will not not execute automatically, function will execute through a call function. 

For Example :   

<?php function writeMsg()

echo "hello india";



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