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React js tutorial for beginners hindi

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This is introduction video of react js in this video we will see why react js is better then plain html and js and what all features it provides and how is it as compare to other frameworks like angular,vue etc.

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Created by Mukesh Phulwani Last updated Fri, 18-Sep-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Build, test, and launch React apps
  • Learn the latest React libraries and tools
  • Use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript
  • Setup authentication and user accounts
  • Deploy your React apps live to the web
  • Master React, Redux, React-Router, and more

Curriculum for this course
28 Lessons 09:08:20 Hours
React js tutorial
3 Lessons 01:29:47 Hours
  • Introduction to React js in hindi 00:14:22
  • React js basics 00:44:45
  • React Router v4 00:30:40
  • Route parameters or params 00:15:02
  • Higher order components or hoc in react js 00:12:21
  • React Component Lifecycle methods or Lifecycle hooks 00:12:55
  • React Fragments 00:07:56
  • Context in react js | Context API 00:20:09
  • context with useContext + useReducer for state management 00:17:57
  • Connecting react js with nodejs (express) backend 00:29:42
  • Displaying server response on our react js front-end 00:08:38
  • Fetching data from nodejs (express) server and displaying on dom 00:06:11
  • Deleting data from nodejs (express) server 00:19:02
  • Changes to be done on production level 00:22:19
  • Introduction to Redux 00:15:39
  • Redux with react js basic 00:31:12
  • Action creators and redux thunk for asynchronous tasks in redux 00:17:46
  • Combine one or more reducers in redux 00:26:04
  • Adding redux in our MERN stack project 00:29:33
  • Fetching data from server with redux included 00:16:19
  • Posting and delete from server with redux included 00:21:33
  • Redux Form Tutorials | why redux form ? 00:27:46
  • UseState Hook in react js 00:19:38
  • useEffect Hook in react js 00:13:59
  • Jokes fetching app using react hooks 00:15:21
  • refs and useRef hook in react js 00:15:12
  • useContext hook and multiple context in react js 00:11:22
  • useReducer hook in react js 00:24:57
  • A computer on which you can install software (Windows, MacOS, or Linux)
  • An understanding of core JavaScript (functions, objects, arrays, callback functions)
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React js  एक Javascript Library है जिसे Facebook developers द्वारा विकसित और रखरखाव किया जाता है। यदि हम किसी भी प्रकार के Single page application का निर्माण करना चाहते हैं, तो React js हमारी भाषा में होना चाहिए। React js  हमे user interface  के  component को  पुन: उपयोग करने का एक तरीका भी प्रदान करती है। इस पाठ्यक्रम में, हम React js की मूल बातें learn करेंगे और अंत में, हम सीखेंगे कि components को कैसे बनाया जाए और उनका पुन: उपयोग कैसे करें।

React js is open source library . It is a efficient, declarative and flexible JS library for building user interfaces (UI). It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”.

React js , Open source library है। Buidling UI बनाने के लिए एक घोषणात्मक, कुशल और लचीली  Javascript Library है। यह आपको "घटक" नामक कोड के छोटे और पृथक टुकड़ों से Complex UI की रचना करने देता है। React js ,Memory मे VIRTUAL DOM बनाता है।

React Features

ReactJS is gaining continue popularity as best known JavaScript framework. It is playing an most important role in the front-end ecosystem. The most important features of React JS Framework are following.

  • JSX
  • Components
  • One-way Data Binding
  • Virtual DOM
  • Simplicity
  • Performance

Getting Start React Js 

What is ES6 in React JS ( ES6 क्या है  ) ? . 

ES6 full form is  ECMAScript 6. ECMA is a Scripting Language and ES6 is sixth version of ECMA Script

ECMAScript was created to standardize JavaScript. it was published in 2015, and is also known as ECMAScript 2015. you can learn ES6 in tutorials.

What is JSX (JSX क्या है) ?

JSX means JavaScript XML. it allows us to write HTML code in React JS. JSX makes it easier HTML coding in React.

React js components :

Component is observed as the core building blocks of a React application.Components are reusable and independent  bits of code. Component makes the task of building User Interface much easier. Each component exists in the same space, but they work independently from one another and merge all in a parent component, which will be the final User Interface of your application.Components having two types, Class components and Function components, in this tutorial you can learn all this things. 

React Props

Props means properties. It is another one component of react js , it is read only type component. Props makes you arguments passed into React components and work similar to HTML attributes.

React State

React components has a built-in state object. The state is an updatable structure that is used to store data or info about the component. The state in a component can change over time.

React Life Cycle 

In React JS , Every Component having own life cycle , which you can monitor in three phase .These phase are mounting , unmounting and updating.

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